Curves were created in Illustrator, then exported into Maya, where I converted them into beveled 3d objects. Scene was lit with physical sun and sky. Render is a raw FG pass. Project time was 3 hours.
Digital modeling for a spot for a Foster Imposter spot for, Baby, console, food, and space chair, modeled in zbrush and maya. 12 4k color maps in addition to normal and displacement maps. Look development and textures for the baby done in bodypaint and photoshop.

California Gurls Texturing, modeling, particles.

Modeling, particle generation and texturing of sugar dice. Texturing and sculpting of Candy cane snakes. Texturing of castle. Texturing support for gingerbread man.

Modeling and texturing of 4 clorox products. Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator

Watch model was provided. Scene was lit with image based lighting and cards, rendered with final gather in mentalray and comped with Photoshop and aftereffects. 1 week project time.

IBM Data baby Modeling. Maya Zbrush

Digital modeling and texturing of a NFL player and fan for Superfad, and Sprint's "NFL Now" interactive spot at

Modeling and texturing of both characters and assorted clothing items, including jersey, socks, wrist and anklewraps, pants, hoodie, slippers, butterfly. Look development, lighting and some comping of the player. Project time was 2 weeks per character.

Urban Samurai Hair was done as both a zsculpt, and with cards for the game mesh. Concept was done as a pencil sketch which I painted in photoshop. Project time was 3 weeks. 3200 base polygons

assorted heads modeling texturing


Maya Zbrush Photoshop


Luxferre of the Rebellion Maya, Zbrush. Original concept.

Magma Lion Maya basemesh, Zbrush sculpt, Bodypaint and photoshop for the textures. Original concept

"De'ave" my conception of an angel, or an intelligent avian species. Maya, Zbrush, Bodypaint, Photoshop.

Maya, Zbrush, Bodypaint, Photoshop. Modeling Texturing.

color, spec, normals, displacements

for Gardaland Theme Park.

Shell was made using nurbs and the head was made with polygons, which was detailed in Zbrush for normal and cavity maps. Scene was rendered with final gather with Misss_fast for the skin. Composited in Nuke.
This was my take on "Lolth" the "demon queen of spiders" in her lair, first imagined by the legendary Gary Gygax. The mesh was done in maya. Details were done in Zbrush. Render was done with mentalray, with normals and displacements extracted from Zbrush. 16 4k texture maps were created in bodypaint. Scene was composited in Photoshop and Aftereffects.
WarpGate and pylon from StarCraft 2. Base meshed in Maya, Hi rez Sculpted in Zbrush. Displacements and normals extracted. Matte painting done in Photoshop. Scene Assembled in Maya, and composited in Aftereffects.

Textures for Produce. "Carlos" model. Assorted Generalist tasks

Maya, Bodypaint, Photoshop, Zbrush

Fruit models were basic dosch models, that were tweaked and retextured. Plates were modeled in nurbs. Lighting was done with cards using final gather, and composited with Photoshop.
Modeled in Maya with nurbs, textured with mia_materialx, lit with Final gather, and composited in Photoshop. 1 week project time. Composited in Nuke.
Modeled in Maya and lit with portal lights. Cloth was simulated with Ncloth. Scene was composited in Photoshop.
Honda Fit model provided. Models were textured with mia_car_phen and mia_matx. composited in Nuke.
Model was done with Maya and Zbrush. The scene was lit with area, spot, and point lights.
Some concepts for the ningyo or "doll" all done as pencil sketches which were finished in Photoshop.

Sintocto Turntable was rendered in Zbrush. Concept was a pencil sketch on paper, which was scanned and cleaned in photoshop.

Project time was 2 weeks. 8000 base polygons

Astral Octopus based on Grimpoteuthis Bathynectes, also known as the "dumbo" octopus. maya, zbrush, bodypaint, photoshop.

Project time 1 week

Urban Monk. Pencil and photoshop.
Anima, avatar of life, guardian of the forests. Prismacolor sketch. Painted in Photoshop. De'ave, an astral angel. Graphite Pencil sketch, painted in photoshop.

some sketches based on some classes from Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Draenei jewelcrafter, Nightelf rogue. Pencil on Bristol.

Concepts for a retrofuturustic building for the 8 limbed DJ makes her first appearance.
Some speed paintings done for And Silhoutte studies.
mixed media personal work.

The One Theory

Mixed media personal work. Motion graphics done with Aftereffects.


All concepts unless otherwise credited are original concepts.

Baby Alien concept by

Pylon and Warpgate based on gameplay footage from Blizzard.

music by Paul Oakenfold "Zoo York"