Foster Farms UFO spot

UFO spot by for Foster Farms

Modeling the alien baby head done in Maya and Zbrush. Black and white concept of baby alien provided

Look development and texture work for baby done in Photoshop and BodyPaint

Console table and Baby chair modeled from scan data for reflections

additional props including chicken rattle and junk food modeled in Maya and Zbrush


Texture wise we went with hints of a nautical theme we started in imagining the structure of his head to be gills. The patterning of a Flamingo tongue conch. was used for his pants, Fish scales were used for his "breast plate," And squid iridescence was used for his skin. I made two states, one more pronounced, that could be to flush the skin, and change colors depending on mood. His breastplate was also done in two color, for metallic an interference effect, that would be light based. Alphas were also made for the star to allow control of the shine.

Head Map FrontA

Head Map Front B(excited) Originally all were 4k maps


Head Map Back

Head Map Normal

Head Map Displacement


Demo Reel

Full Commercial