Aeons are but fractions of a second.  This web of the universe breathes, it vibrates, energy and matter begin their dance to their song.  The Ancients, singing their song, so strong, it ripples through the multiverse.  In the dawning of my consciousness.  I could only stare at the dazzle of his brilliance, his symmetry.  It kept my mind still, focused, inert.  then a swirl, a singulairity.  My mind moves at the speed of light, time has no meaning.  Energy and mass are one.  I am.

Others saw me as I was being formed. my own light so brilliant. "It was a beacon in the universe, pure strong and clear. to see me in the third dimension, a vibration of myself, I was porphyry, the royal color.  Six fingers, and twin birthmarks, the trefoil on my head.  Herald of change.  Possibilities.

He tells us that he made us.  I can sense the lie.  We were made as he was made.  But none will  deny that he was the first. 

Luxferre, It is I, Gaia.  The sisters have seen it.  We have been betrayed,  I have a cancer within me.  It grows at a staggering rate.  I can sense its corruption.  Threads of possibilty are so lucid that I brought to the edge of despair.  Its pull is so strong.

Like a plague they will eat the very universe from the inside out.  Adirion, has shown them favor.  He would sacrifice us all to them.  Luxferre, it was foretold.  Some destinies are weak, caught in the eddies of flows as strong as yours.  You alone can act.  You are chance, you are possiblity, you are choice, you are the pattern of chaos.

"Do you think that your creator must be perfect?  Do you think that he can do no wrong?  He who would have you slaughter any who would deny him.  He who would let brother attack brother, because he misinterprets a word.  He who would throw 99 of you into the pits of hell and torment everlasting, to have one live eternity in slavish devotion singing his praises, back to his birth state, no longer self aware.  What do you think a mind is when it forgets his sister, father,and mother in hell?  Your soul is a fucking eggplant, if that is the holy end you seek, so be it."